Hry od JerryLabs

All our games are available for download, print and play and can be shared and distributed non-commercionally under CC BY-NC-ND license. Also you can order the production from us.

Final Conflict

For 2 players from 12 years 20 minutes

The culmination of the long-running Super Trooper card series in the form of a standalone expansion with improved rules.

KTA: Krack That Auto!

For 2‑6 players from 15 years 20‑40 minutes

An action card game charting the life of a car dealer in the city of Gangsterburg. From delivering pizzas to robbing banks, and watch out for the cops!

Cyborg Mutant Zombie Circus

For 2‑6 players from 15 years 30‑60 minutes

Competitive sci-fi RPG dungeon crawler card game. As artificial humanoid your goal is to survive and earn the fame and glory in crazy labyrinth full of monsters and traps.


For 2‑5 players from 18 years 90‑120 minutes

Board game based on social and political situation. Become the master boss of all mafia families in the Gangsterburg, city full of clubs, brothels, gambling and illegal substancies

Super Trooper

For 2‑6 players from 13 years 20‑60 minutes

Copiable alternative of Doomtrooper trading card game. Defeat the armies of other players in harsh post-capitalist dystopic world!